Australia has already loosened travel restrictions to New Zealand, so Qantas and Jetstar started to sell tickets between these countries.

According to the Australian Government, New Zealand showed a low risk of coronavirus transmission to Australia. Thus, Australia has established a safe travel zone with New Zealand. Herewith, the Government opens up domestic travel within Australia.

Detaching these restrictions means that families and friends will reunite, businesses will have the opportunity to look for workers, and, for sure, the tourism industry will step forward.

New Zealanders won’t have to quarantine if they arrive in NSW and NT. However, they will have to quarantine when they go back to NZ. Unfortunately, this will cost any passenger really a lot, because they have to pay for their hotel by themselves. And for one person, 14 days quarantine cost about AU$2,869.

In addition, flight tickets between Auckland and Sydney really became skyrocketing. One way ticket from Auckland do Sydney costs AU$595, when the average price between to cities was AU$354 before the pandemic.

Notifying, that Australians aren’t still permitted to travel to New Zealand for leisure purposes.